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Tramex spółka z o.o.

TRAMEX Sp. z o.o. has been existing since 2011 and is a sister company to PPUH Tramex Mirosław Kaczorowski.




International road transport is main service offered by Tramex. We carry neutral goods (to 24 t) by both standard tilt trailers and frigo trailers



Petrol Station

Petrol Station offers:
- diesel in very attractive prices
- petrol, LPG





PPUH Tramex was founded on the 19th of March 1982 in Sochaczew and from the very beginning of its business activity deals with international transport.

PPUH Tramex has rich over 36 years experience in international transport and forwarding services.

We possess more than 100 modern and environment friendly trucks meeting EURO-5 and EURO-6 standards. In our disposal, there are both standard tilt trailers and frigo trailers. Our truck fleet enables us to carry a large variety of neutral goods (total loading capacity up to 24 t). All trucks are equipped with GPS system of monitoring which allows us to obtain current on-line information about truck’s position at any time. Additionally, we are in constant contact with our drivers by means of mobile phones.

While cooperating with our clients we adjust to their needs in terms of investing in new truck fleet, providing the good equipment of our trucks and trailers, employing  professional and experienced staff, ensuring availability and etc. At this moment our staff consist of 150 employees.


Fuel prices

indeks.jpg TIR  5,09 zł
indeks.jpg detal 5,19 zł
indeks2.jpg 95 5,09 zł
images.jpg 2,49 zł

Our petrol station - Tramex  Dachowa 14, Welcome!

Fuel prices

indeks.jpg TIR  5,09 zł
indeks.jpg detal 5,19 zł
indeks2.jpg 95 5,09 zł
images.jpg 2,50 zł

Our petrol station - Tramex Stroniewice 9A, gmina Domaniewice, Welcome!

tel.: +48 /46/ 863 00 86

tel.: +48 /46/ 863 62 70
tel./fax: +48 /46/ 863 00 90
fax: +48 /46/ 863 53 15

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