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Tramex Sp. z o.o. has been existing since 2011 and is a sister company to PPUH Tramex Mirosław Kaczorowski.

At this moment we have at our disposal:

Our office, transport base, garage, petrol station, tyre station are placed in Dachowa, a perfect location for transport , near the express way A2, on rout from Warsaw to Poznań.

Transport orientations:

·       Germany

·       Netherlands

·       Louxembourg

·       France

·       Spain

·       Italy

·       Russia

·       Belarus

The types of cargo:

We carry diverse types of cargo, including medicines and cosmetics, foodstaff, electronics and AGD, building materials, clothes and etc. We can carry goods on our frigo trailers in temperatures ranging from  -20 C to +25 C, the trailers are equipped with temperature registers.

The frigo trailers are equipped with refrigerating units which enable us to adjust the temperature of the transport from -20C to + 25C. Additionally, the trailers are also equipped with thermographs (temperature register devices). From the printouts, the temperature of the transport can be read at any time.

The frigo trailers are adjusted to carry the cargo on 33 pallets, type EUR, (the height of total loading capacity -  2,65 m). Trailers also posses baskets with pallets for exchange.


As transport company we guarantee:

·       High standard of transport services

·       the prompt loadings and unloadings

·       safety of carrying goods

·       on time information on status of your shipment (GPS monitoring system)

·       constant control of cargo temperature with possibility of attaining the printout at any time

·       realization other services connected with carrying cargo adjusted to the needs of clients.


Our prices for transports are honest and result from the tendencies of the international transport market. Most of them are established after several stages of negotiations. At any time, we can provided additional prices for new transport destinations. Our clients accept our balanced prices and they treat us as a solid company on which they can rely on at any time.

If you are interested in our services, we are ready to begin cooperation. We can start from making single carriages as well as start to organize full transport services for companies on preferable destinations.


Phone numbers: +48 46 81 66 667

                        +48 46 81 66 668

                        +48 46 81 66 672

Mobiles phone numbers: + 48 606 66 66 53

Fax: +48 46 81 666 71


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tel.: +48 /46/ 863 00 86

tel.: +48 /46/ 863 62 70
tel./fax: +48 /46/ 863 00 90
fax: +48 /46/ 863 53 15

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